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Before, during, and after severe events, you need to turn insight into action, so your claims teams can demonstrate agility that enhances stakeholder and customer satisfaction. SpatialKey helps you evaluate and manage potential event outcomes with unparalleled ease of use, enabling data to be shared across your organization and accelerating your response to catastrophes.

With SpatialKey, we can offer our clients unprecedented access to the right data at the right time to manage their response to catastrophes. SpatialKey's intuitive, purpose-built applications and compelling visual analytics help us deliver business-critical event intelligence in moments. We look forward to many breakthroughs in insurance analytics with SpatialKey.quote

Vaughn Jensen, EVP Catastrophe Management Services, Willis Re

European windstorm app

European Windstorm

Proactively take charge of your European windstorm event response for better claims management and customer retention. With SpatialKey's European Windstorm app, you can easily access, visualize and analyze your insureds potentially affected by the storm, track windstorms as they happen with forecast data and event footprints, and overlay event footprints onto your portfolio data in one intuitive dashboard.

European Windstorm data sheet




Understand the potential impact of hail events, make decisions quickly in the wake of a storm and mobilize your claims teams to respond to customers fast with SpatialKey Hail. Seamlessly access expert data to understand hail damage, size, and risk based on your portfolio composition, so you can effectively respond to any hail event.

Hail data sheet

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Hurricane Forecasts

Hurricane Forecasts

When hurricanes are happening, you need real-time data – immediately. The SpatialKey Hurricane Forecasts app gives you all the available information in one intuitive dashboard, letting you target risk concentrations, mobilize claims personnel, track claims, and evaluate what-if scenarios to instantly adjust your strategies.

Hurricane Forecasts data sheet

Past Hurricane Scenarios

Past Hurricane Scenarios

Planning for the future requires a studious look to the past. The SpatialKey Past Hurricane Scenarios app helps evaluate past performance and apply those lessons to your current portfolio immediately. It puts the right tools and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data at your fingertips to evaluate what-if scenarios, manipulate historical storm footprints, and visualize your portfolio performance against the claims history of past U.S. hurricane event data.

Past Hurricane Scenarios data sheet

Severe Storms

Severe Storms

Don’t let severe storms take your operations by surprise. The SpatialKey Severe Storms app lets you assess and share potential exposure data more quickly and accurately. You’ll have immediate access to both live and historical NOAA data for tornadoes, hail, and straight-line wind events – combined with innovative storm tools and interactive dashboards.

Severe Storms data sheet



No one knows when or where the next big one will strike. But with the SpatialKey Earthquake app, you’ll always be prepared. Now you can proactively manage earthquake risk and identify unfavorable portfolio concentrations by evaluating your loss potential against the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) global library of historical and hypothetical earthquakes. And with live event data from USGS, you can mobilize claims personnel and track claims immediately following an earthquake.

Earthquake data sheet



Wildfires are flaring more unpredictably every year. The SpatialKey Wildfire app ensures your risk exposure isn’t nearly as unforeseeable. Analytics and executive teams alike will have instant access to GeoMAC data before, during, and after real wildfire events to determine your exposure. You’ll now be able to forecast the potential spread of a fire, update your loss scenarios based on real-time data, and mobilize claims support as a fire happens.

Wildfire data sheet

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