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3rd-party data for fast and informed decisions 

Data is a critical component in helping insurers make better decisions and remain competitive. With SpatialKey you can access the most relevant data and models available in the industry, plus make use of your own external or in-house hazard, exposure and experience data, to make data-driven decisions for your business.  SpatialKey is data agnostic and regularly continues to partner with leading data providers to deliver breadth and choice to insurers. 

The Location, Inc. team is excited to be partnering with an innovative geospatial insurance analytics company like SpatialKey. Making our SecurityGauge® crime data available via the SpatialKey platform gives underwriters a new way to visualize and gauge hyperlocal crime risk at the time they are making binding decisions. SpatialKey clients will gain access to another layer of intelligence, enabling their underwriters to more quickly and effectively assess risk and manage exposure.quote

Dr. Andrew Schiller, CEO and Founder, Location Inc.

Data at your fingertips

To set your teams up for success—and enable them to focus on the specialty that drives your bottom line—you need them to spend less time finding and managing data and more time interpreting and acting on it. When you use the same data sources for your decision making across departments, you gain consistent understanding and efficiency throughout your entire organization. Now you can easily access 3rd-party hazard and event footprint data from the providers below— or even your own in-house models— combined with your portfolio data, so you can make rapid and informed decisions for your business.





Flood & storm surge

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Wind, tornado & hail

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