Exposure management

Exposure Management

Exposing risk data, empowering decision-makers

Illuminating patterns and trends in risk exposure becomes far more efficient and effective with fast, intuitive visual analytics. SpatialKey delivers a full suite of unbiased, unprecedented visual analytics tools to empower your organization with risk intelligence that enhances both your resiliency and your bottom line.

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Willis Re case study

  • SpatialKey stood head and shoulders above other solutions, and we have rolled it out across our clients since June 2010 to universal acclaim. The reaction has been remarkable; it is a game changer in our sector. We look forward to working with SpatialKey in the coming months and years to not just map the property reinsurance landscape, but to transform it.quote

    Rowan Douglas, CEO Global Analytics, Willis Re

  • SpatialKey helps us assess and present aggregate risk in a far more visually compelling way. Its speed, interactivity, and ability to handle large data sets enable us to work faster and with greater flexibility.quote

    Matt Stephens, AEGIS London



Monitor available capacity and act quickly to adapt your underwriting strategy like never before. Accumulations delivers analytics and visualization to help you quickly identify peak portfolio accumulations, understand risk composition including policy and location drivers, and monitor capacity utilization and diversification. Leverage these analytics to monitor and adjust your underwriting strategy, evaluate event scenarios, understand the impact of acquisition, and identify market opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

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Hazard Analyst

Hazard Analyst

Action risk intelligence that uses the best science, speed-of-thought analytics, and intuitive visualizations. With the SpatialKey Hazard Analyst app, you can monitor hazard accumulations, write profitable business, and identify new market opportunities in areas where your competitors lack understanding. You are also empowered with choice: Choose one or multiple models to create your view of risk and inform risk management strategies.

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Hazard maps provided by:

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portfolio composition

Portfolio Composition

To maintain your competitive edge and ensure business continuity, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business' risk position and composition – easily, quickly, and transparently. The SpatialKey Portfolio Composition app gives you that and more. Now, you and your business leaders can access visual analytics from both desktop and mobile devices for more informed decision making based on up-to-the-moment data.

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Comparison Analytics

Comparison Analytics

When it comes to tracking and optimizing the solvency and competitiveness of your insurance portfolio, comparative analytics is essential. The SpatialKey Analyst app delivers compelling analytics and more, allowing you to analyze risk positions, strategy effectiveness, market share, and industry correlations. Additionally, you can evaluate changes to catastrophe models and analyze claims history all within this one intuitive app.

Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics

Managing and mitigating risk demands that you understand, monitor, and adapt to all facets of that risk. SpatialKey Analyst provides the ease of use and advanced flexibility to meet every level of analytic sophistication. Now you can develop a coherent view of your risk by exploring correlations among your exposure, loss, hazard, claims, and market data – and also by interrogating risk drivers and regional concentrations.

Business Review

Business Review

Turning intelligence into action is critical, which means your organization gains a huge advantage when you can quickly and painlessly generate insights from all your internal data. SpatialKey Analyst empowers you and your executive team with intuitive, interactive dashboards for self-serve analysis that promotes active collaboration. This one solution integrates intelligence from policy, claims, and other administrative systems in real time, enabling rapid, fully informed decisions across your organization.

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Offered on demand or on premise. Empowering organizations with actionable intelligence via industry-leading technology, analytics, and ease of use.

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