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2019 Hurricane Best Practices

El Niño may help quiet the 2019 season, but it only takes one storm to cause serious losses. Not to mention, back-to-back hurricanes to wreak operational havoc. Each land-falling hurricane is unique, and brings with it much more than the hurricanes itself: inland flooding, wind, storm surge, hail, and even tornadoes. It's a season when, perhaps more than any other, insurers need to have their proverbial "ducks in a row." Set your team up for success with these best practices. 

Read how to: 

    1. Conduct a hurricane dry run to ensure operational success.  
    2. Assess which analytic tools are must-haves for your organization.
    3. Evaluate which third-party data you need to have at your disposal.
    4. Avoid "analysis paralysis." 
    5. Turn around event footprints quickly and make sense of all the data.

Each section contains clear best practices that we’ve acquired while working with 100+ carriers across the globe. 

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