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Insurance Underwriting Software

Prudent risk management starts at the point of underwriting

By leveraging data to thoroughly understand and underwrite catastrophe risk, you can obtain faster, improved intelligence to earn a higher underwriting profit, reduce downstream costs associated with claims, and improve client satisfaction. Our underwriting mapping software is purpose-built for extracting the risk information underwriters need to make fast, informed decisions. From flood risk, to wildfire, hurricane and more, SpatialKey adapts to the type of risk to provide underwriters with quantitative and qualitative underwriting visualizations for a more accurate, informed picture.

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"We have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams"

Data analytics is a key differentiator in how we operate, compete, select risks, and proactively manage our portfolio. With SpatialKey, we have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams with actionable information to improve risk selection and portfolio performance.

~Jen Klobnak, Senior Vice President, Risk Services at RLI

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Transform data into your competitive advantage

Underwriting insurace maps

self-serve insurance analytics

Make decisions faster with self-serve analytics

Build a holistic view of risk, spanning multiple hazards, in a single interactive environment that puts analytics and data from industry-leading content providers at your fingertips.

insurance collaboration

Collaborate across departments with ease

Ensure shared understanding between underwriting, exposure management, and claims teams with an enterprise risk solution that facilitates your team’s ability to share insights and write business within your guidelines.

build a healthy insurance portfolio

Immediately determine new business impact on your portfolio

Easily evaluate risk within the context of your portfolio and claims history. Leverage your own data to avoid risk in areas where you’ve had substantial claims, manage within available capacity, and focus on building a healthier portfolio.

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Leverage the power of data

Data is a critical component in helping insurers make better decisions and remain competitive. With SpatialKey, you can access the most relevant data and models available in the industry. Plus, make use of your own external or in-house hazard, exposure and experience data, to make data-driven decisions for your business. SpatialKey is data agnostic and regularly continues to partner with leading data providers to deliver breadth and choice to insurers. 

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Increased sales through the use of advanced analytics*

Reduction in annual loss and expenses from the adoption of technology

* Insurance Networking News ** Deloitte

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