New eBook: Innovations in U.S. flood mapping

How to use data & analytics to unlock private flood opportunities

The U.S. private flood market grew $217 million in 2017. But why isn’t this figure higher?

Flood data and mapping in the U.S. have traditionally had many pitfalls, from being badly out of date to not providing the full details on different types and severities of flooding. That is until new innovations in the field...

If you’re looking to enter or expand your presence in the U.S. private flood market, our latest eBook, developed in collaboration with JBA Risk Management, explains how recent advancements in flood data and analytics are helping carriers, reinsurers, MGAs, and brokers alike gain renewed confidence in their U.S. flood risk assessment and selection.

You'll learn:

  • How high-resolution mapping and elevation data can aid underwriting precision and decision-making
  • How key drivers of flooding (e.g. pluvial, fluvial, and storm surge) result in different severities of damage
  • How advancements in analytics are helping insurers contextualize risk in relation to their in-force portfolio, leading to more accurate pricing and coverage decisions

Download the eBook now to learn how advancements in flood mapping and analytics can give you a competitive advantage in the U.S. private flood market!

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