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Analytic agility and uncompromising ease-of-use on-demand

Frustrated with clumsy business intelligence and geographic information systems? Finally, you can realize the full power of your organization’s data to seize tremendous new possibilities – simply and completely. SpatialKey gives you rapid analytics and agile visualizations to help you elevate your organization with enhanced insight and intuition.

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Simple, flexible, and fun

SpatialKey delivers unmatched performance, visualizations, and flexibility that allow business users to access analytics, identify trends, and unveil patterns without any training or expert guidance.

Advanced visualization

With SpatialKey you can visualize your data in numerous ways: from tabular to graphical to geographic forms. All visualizations are interactive and interoperable, combining together to help illuminate insights and focus your analytic discovery.

Enhanced collaboration

Interactive dashboards within SpatialKey solutions empower easy, effective analysis and decision-making among entire project teams with one-click sharing and instant collaboration.

Drill anywhere, any data

SpatialKey performs sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis to supply any data combination and permutation your business needs – without complicated hierarchies common to other business intelligence systems.

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to you and your staff on behalf of AAIC and our Farm Bureau clients. Your product has been a great help to us all this last year. An important aspect of this is that we have encountered virtually no bugs or downtime or speed issues. I know that doesn't magically happen on its own. Thanks for what I'm sure is a significant amount of attention you pay to reliability.

    Brian Cook, Marketing Manager, American Agricultural Insurance Company

  • SpatialKey stood head and shoulders above other solutions, and we have rolled it out across our clients since June 2010 to universal acclaim. The reaction has been remarkable. It is a game changer in our sector. We look forward to working with SpatialKey in the coming months and years to not just map the property reinsurance landscape, but to transform it.

    Rowan Douglas, CEO Global Analytics, Willis Re

  • SpatialKey's industry-leading, easy-to-use visual analytics accelerate our evaluation of cedant exposures as we can quickly interrogate exposure and modeled loss data to build a clear understanding of prospective risk.

    Jason M. Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Validus Research Inc.

  • The speed of getting information from SpatialKey is unbelievable. The UI is easy to use, but it uncovers answers to difficult questions.

    Zack Grimes, Assistant Media Planner and Research Analyst, CurrentMarketing

  • The level and richness of visualization in SpatialKey is beyond compare. Even if we’d taken a year to build a solution on our own, it wouldn’t have been as rich and flexible as SpatialKey.

    Jim Nichols, Enterprise Architect, EnerNOC

  • We can collect, combine, and map data collaboratively in minutes.

    Dr. Clionadh Raleigh, Director of Armed Conflict and Location Event Data Project (ACLED)


Anytime, anywhere

SpatialKey solutions are web-based platforms with no software to install, so you can access your data visualizations from wherever you need.

Reliable, private, and secure

SpatialKey On-Demand is hosted on industry-leading cloud platforms and delivers over 99.9% uptime.

Fast and scalable

Whether you are dealing with 2 records or 2 million, you get insight in an instant on a platform that scales from single users to hundreds without interruption.

Easy to manage

Featuring a simple and intuitive web-based interface, SpatialKey allows you to get up and running, add users, and create project teams with no bottlenecks – and no IT intervention.

Simple integration

SpatialKey solutions deliver sophisticated enterprise capabilities without the usual integration challenges – thanks to a simple data import API that eliminates manual data import or wasted cycles trying to prepare data for a new system.

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