SpatialKey team

OlawaleOlawale Aladeusi


SpatialKey provides me with an opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself and to respect my gut, they have a great team culture that I am very excited to be apart of.

Hamad Amaral

QA Engineer

I love to work for SpatialKey because we are all very committed to creating a great product.


louise-braybrookeLouise Braybrooke

Client Services Director

I was looking for a new opportunity that allowed me to be instrumental in growing a business from the ground up, and SpatialKey presented exactly that. I thrive on solving challenges faced by the industry’s exposure management and underwriting communities, and I was keen to work with a company that had the agility and momentum to rise to the challenge.

april-connellyApril Connolly


I joined SpatialKey because I like creating innovative products with people who are passionate about what they do. The people here are collaborative, (opinionated!), and fun. I'm happy to be a member of the team.

shivanii-cordesShivanii Cordes

User Experience Director

SpatialKey is an incredibly complex application behind a simple interface. It may sound silly, but I truly delight in the daily challenge of keeping the user experience simple and elegant while continuously improving SpatialKey to meet our clients' needs. 

sam-1Sam Fityan, ACII


With experience as a Lloyd’s of London Underwriter, I value the opportunity to work for a company that better enables insurers to visualize, understand and price risks.

Michael Davis

Software Engineer

Working in an environment of excellence means not having to battle a sea of egos. Every day at SpatialKey is ultimately spent working together to create a better product.


steven-diomampoSteven Diomampo

Development Manager

I enjoy building our products because they are constantly evolving. Whether it's improving the overall user experience or building entirely new applications, we work hard to keep our products relevant.


brenna-fittererJustin Dudley


I joined SpatialKey because I was very impressed with the products, and I knew they would be something I would be very passionate about contributing to. You can't beat the company culture here, and it's always nice to know you have a highly talented team by your side helping you to solve complex problems.

emmanuel-floresEmmanuel Flores

QA Lead

Our clients keep offering us new challenges that allow us to push the boundaries of the technologies we use.


stephen-kanyiStephen Kanyi


The people at Spatialkey inspires you to do your best. I'm thrilled to be part of the team that is dedicated to our customers. Data Driven Decisions(DDD). 

samuel-gaamuwaSamuel Gaamuwa


I was drawn to Spatialkey because of their dedication to ensuring that they keep up with rapidly changing technologies. They’re determined to provide users with the best experience possible. And, I enjoy the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people that are always yearning to learn and grow.

jeff-hardyJeff Hardy

Systems Engineer

As a systems engineer, I was attracted to SpatialKey's purpose-driven environment that applies best-in-breed, open-source methodologies in the cloud. I have the opportunity to work across a spectrum of proven and up-and-coming technologies that produce new challenges every single day.

jessica-hofmannJessica Hofmann

Finance Director

I joined SpatialKey to work with a talented team and to be a part of their incredible culture. Most companies strive to build an environment that inspires their employees to work hard and put their customers first, but rarely achieve what SpatialKey has created and continually nurtures. I'm excited to provide strategic financial input to the team and help grow the business.

chad-jamesChad James


I joined SpatialKey as a Software Developer because it offers an opportunity to contribute more than just lines of code to a product. The people of SpatialKey are not here to simply fill a seat, each individual is expected and encouraged to reach outside of their comfort zone in order to build a suite of innovative and world class products for our customers. It is fantastic to be part of such a passionate group that is driven by this singular goal.

matt-kellerMatthew Keller

Systems Architect

Every person at SpatialKey has a purpose, makes contributions, and impacts every product we have. There's nothing we deliver that isn't touched by everyone in some way.


jeff-langstonJeff Langston

Front End Software Engineer

I joined SpatialKey because their culture embodies the kind of company I want to be a part of. I am surrounded by a team of dedicated and driven individuals working towards the betterment of an innovative suite of products. SpatialKey provides an atmosphere that empowers personal and professional development while allowing me the flexibility to live the kind of life I want.


Tom Link


A successful entrepreneur, Tom bootstrapped two profitable companies at Universal Mind and SpatialKey. Through an unrelenting focus on design and delivery, he builds high-performance organizations. Tom embraces servant leadership and believes that providing a rewarding, collegial environment and empowerment creates the best teams. He has a comprehensive understanding of technologies, system integrations, and insurance business applications.

Tom incubated SpatialKey for two years at Universal Mind, where he has been a Founding Partner since 2004. He ideated, defined, and led development of the SpatialKey project at Universal Mind and spun the product out as SpatialKey, Inc. in 2011. Prior to Universal Mind, he spent 10 years building and delivering products and solutions at Macromedia (now Adobe) and other technology firms.

Tom leads our corporate strategy and operations, sales, and business development efforts. He has a B.S. in organizational psychology from the College of New Jersey.

anthonyAnthony McClure

Software Architect

Our customers are the lifeblood of SpatialKey. Without them we would not be here. Their feedback becomes so important as we continue to hone the product and make it become all it can be. I love our customers!

Doug McCuneDoug McCune


Doug wrote SpatialKey’s first few lines of code and ever since has remained dedicated to ensuring we never stray from what set us apart from the very beginning: an unwavering focus on shipping quality software, a devotion to the user, and the creativity to approach established industries with an entirely fresh perspective. Doug is responsible for defining SpatialKey's product strategy, leads the design and product management departments, and brings a religious fervor to shipping quality software.
In parallel lives Doug serves on the Board of Directors for SAGE Publications and is also an aspiring visual artist focusing on the intersection of technology, data and art.
Doug received a B.A. in Science, Technology and Society from Stanford University.


Rebecca McElrath


Before I became a frontend developer I was a Geographic Information System / mapping geek providing users with cutting edge GIS applications, maps, analysis and data. It was so exciting seeing the response from folks when they saw what GIS technology could do for them. I missed working in the GIS field and I’d been looking to join a company who provides this amazing technology to it’s clients. I found that company in SpatialKey. 

ken-morfordKen Morford

Senior Director, Information Security Officer

SpatialKey's people, culture, and product really set them apart from other companies I've worked for. When considering the short list of companies I wanted to join, SpatialKey stood out because they hire high performers and collaborators and give them the freedom to shape their work environment and create groundbreaking products.

Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris

Director, Product Adoption

I'm thrilled to be able to influence a product that is disrupting the market and resetting expectations on what data visualization and analytical software should be.


marc-muellerMarc Mueller

UX Designer

I enjoy working on complex problems, and SpatialKey tackles many challenges in an interesting space. I am convinced that B2B software and enterprise-scale solutions should provide the same degree of quality in user experience we all have come to expect from consumer products. I am happy to contribute to a team that disrupts the market space in such a way.

monique-nelsonMonique Nelson

Director, Data Product Management

I love that the complexities of analytics and visualization are simplified so that anyone in an insurance organization can understand the spread of risk and aggregations against a dataset. We are the future of insurance technology, and it's exciting to be a part of it.


thanh-nguyenThanh Nguyen

QA Engineer

The company culture at SpatialKey is inspiring and cooperative, which drives members to put in their finest effort every single day. It's not just another job, but a place that encourages individual development and professional growth. Individuals at every level here at SpatialKey are dedicated to our products and especially to our customers.


angie-oliveroAngie Olivero

Product Manager

I've worked with some amazing people, but this lean team is truly the cream of the crop. The trusting, collaborative culture inspires you to do your best work. It's ruined me for any other job!


brandon-purcellBrandon Purcell

Chief Technology Officer

A versatile technologist with extensive experience building quality products on progressive technologies, Brandon relentlessly pursues innovation and wants everyone to benefit from it. He is also very passionate about getting things done. He has 18 years of experience managing development projects, system architecture and feature implementation, product support, and consulting.

Brandon was integral to the development of the SpatialKey product since the beginning and leads our product development, professional services, and project management efforts. Prior to joining SpatialKey, he filled similar roles at Universal Mind and Macromedia/Adobe, as well as served in the U.S. Army.

Brandon has a B.S. in electrical engineering from Southern Illinois University.

phil-saenzPhillip Saenz

Front End Software Engineer

I joined SpatialKey because it was an opportunity to work with talented engineers who are dedicated to perfecting their craft and releasing quality software for their customers. The focus is always on the product and making sure it meets our customers' needs.


jen-smoldtJen Smoldt

Content Specialist 

I’m passionate about creating a great brand story and helping companies discover and define their differentiators for lasting success. For me, joining SpatialKey was an adventure too good to pass up after 10 years of consulting. There’s no fluff here—just honesty and genuine desire to collaborate for the success of all. That’s a refreshing change from having spent most of my career working in the payments and financial services arena for large corporations.

jon-sonnenscheinJon Sonnenschein

Account Executive

SpatialKey has incredible products, but the unique company culture is really what brought me here. From top to bottom, everyone is dedicated to producing meaningful work in a collaborative fashion, and we all truly believe that what we are doing matters. This isn't just another job, this is an opportunity to make a real and tangible impact at an exciting, innovative company. 

sarah-stadlerSarah Stadler

Director, Marketing

As a marketer, I love to build brands and market products that I believe in. The SpatialKey team is so passionate about what they're building so joining this group was a no-brainer. I'm thrilled to be on a team of people who love what they do and to be a part of building a brand that will undoubtedly change the way people do business. 

robert-stehweinRobert Stehwien

Senior Software Engineer

We work hard toward a common goal; but when the chips are down, SpatialKey doesn't sacrifice or burn out its workers. When I had a family health emergency, I was told to not worry about coming to work and focus on my family. There aren't many places that would do that.

BretStoneBret Stone


An unwavering advocate for great visualization and user experience design, Bret wants to move risk intelligence into the hands of the business and out of the back office. He’s spent the last 15 years in the insurance industry and is noted as an expert in catastrophe risk management and underwriting. He has hands-on analytic experience and working knowledge of risk management strategy.

Bret leads our product management and design, marketing, and client service operations with additional responsibility in business development. Prior to joining SpatialKey in 2012, he held analytic and product management roles at RMS, Willis Re and Allstate.

Bret has a B.A. in economics from the University of Iowa.

rick-visseringRick Vissering

Client Services Director

It's amazingly simple...SpatialKey creates superior geospatial analytic applications for the (re)insurance industry that do exactly what they are designed and promised to do. The passion that is demonstrated by everyone at SpatialKey, from design and development to delivery and support, is infectious. I am very fortunate to be a part of such a dynamic company. 

christine-wallingerChristine Wallinger


At SpatialKey, we have a passion for analytics, technology, creativity, and simplicity. Our culture is one that puts clients at the center of everything we do, collaborates with excellence, and empowers everyone to tackle new challenges. Does it get any better? I consider it a privilege to be a part of the team. 

Akinwande-AdegbolaAkinwande Adegbola

Backend Software Engineer

The amount of expertise, knowledge, and experience that is housed within SpatialKey is exceptional. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy to be a part of this family. 

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