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Bringing enhanced risk selection to the point of sale

Prudent exposure management starts at the point of sale. Through SpatialKey, you can exploit faster, better intelligence to ensure more satisfying experiences for customer prospects, higher underwriting profits, and reduced downstream costs associated with claims.

  • With SpatialKey’s Underwriting application, we are able to make more informed decisions on risk selection and what terms and conditions are appropriate. We have easy access to individual risk information on our desktop, and together with the mapping system, we are also able to take into consideration our accumulation at that location - all at the point of underwriting. It is a powerful tool.quote

    Clive Edwards, Head of UK Commercial, Aspen Insurance

  • The partnership between SpatialKey and JBA is a perfect example of collaboration between experts whose shared aim is to enhance our clients’ business. We are delighted that our combined knowledge and understanding of the re/insurance industry is producing innovative and creative results. The new Underwriting application is the first of these and we are confident that it will enable insurers to make swift yet sound underwriting decisions.quote

    Jane Toothill, Director, JBA Risk Management Limited

  • Our use of SpatialKey has improved the way we analyze and make underwriting decisions. We write new business with greater confidence and understanding of our flood exposure, creating competitive advantage and lower claims costs.quote

    Colin Panzetta, Senior Class Underwriter at Catlin Insurance Company Ltd

  • Data analytics is a key differentiator in how we operate, compete, select risks, and proactively manage our portfolio. With SpatialKey, we have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams with actionable information to improve risk selection and portfolio performance.quote

    Jen Klobnak, Senior Vice President, Risk Services at RLI



Recent catastrophes have resulted in significant insured losses worldwide. Meanwhile insurers are working to employ better data and analytics. You can minimize long underwriting delays and gain a competitive advantage by having immediate access to expert data, right now. The SpatialKey Underwriting app gives your underwriters intuitive analytics and visualizations they can use to gain a more complete understanding of risk, including terror, flood, and more, and quickly anticipate future costs.

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Offered on demand or on premise. Empowering organizations with actionable intelligence via industry-leading technology, analytics, and ease of use.

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