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Underwriting »

Advance risk selection

  • Visualize the account within the context of the hazard.
  • Understand relative risk.
  • Review account risk composition.

Assess portfolio impact

  • Identify adverse concentrations.
  • Build intuition leveraging existing portfolio risks and claims history.
  • Manage within available capacity.

Make an impression

  • Accelerate underwriting decisions.
  • Provide differentiated responsiveness.
  • Deliver value-add analytics to support pricing.

Exposure Management »

Optimize your risk

  • Interrogate your exposure and loss data, modeled and non-modeled.
  • Test hypotheses.
  • Target your risk mitigation strategy.

Empower your organization

  • Produce actionable intelligence.
  • Deliver consistent and up-to-date analytics.
  • Streamline the decision-making process.

Enhance productivity

  • Focus on what's important.
  • Illuminate patterns and trends in your data and respond.
  • Reduce cycle time between business units.

Event Analysis »

Evaluate outcomes
in real-time

  • Quickly understand loss potential.
  • Manage uncertainty.
  • Anticipate outcomes early.

Manage your

  • Assess the impact to your bottom line.
  • Efficiently collaborate and target your response.
  • Keep key stakeholders informed.

Focus on your clients

  • Target insured concentrations.
  • Mobilize your claims force.
  • Enhance client satisfaction.

Track historical & scenario events

  • Evaluate historical and hypothetical what-ifs.
  • Measure portfolio performance consistently.
  • Build intuition around claims and catastrophe model outputs.

With SpatialKey, we can offer our clients unprecedented access to the right data at the right time to manage their response to catastrophes. SpatialKey's intuitive, purpose-built applications and compelling visual analytics help us deliver business-critical event intelligence in moments. We look forward to many breakthroughs in insurance analytics with SpatialKey.

Vaughn Jensen, EVP Catastrophe Management Services, Willis Re

SpatialKey Platform »

Offered on demand or on premise. Empowering organizations with actionable intelligence via industry-leading technology, analytics, and ease of use.

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