Additional Articles and News

Articles and News

Insurance Thought Leadership: How to Solve the Data Problem

Author: Bret Stone
There’s a gap between the wealth of data now available and insurers’ ability to quickly process, contextualize and derive insight from that data.

Insurance Thought Leadership: 3 Misconceptions on Insurtech

Author: Bret Stone
Negative misconceptions arise when insurtech gets linked to “disruption,” so it doesn't get all the positive vibes it deserves.

Insurance Thought Leadership: What’s Your Game Plan for Insurtech?

Author: Bret Stone
Most insurtechs aren’t looking to oust incumbents. They’re looking for a niche and for established partners to help them scale.

Insurance Thought Leadership: Insurtech Is an Epic Climb: Can You Do It?

Author: Bret Stone
Insurtech is like the Tour de France. What’s good enough for now will likely be the equivalent of a 40-pound bike in five years.

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