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Additional Articles and News

Articles and News

Property Casualty 360: Insurance industry players need to come together — right now

Author: Bret Stone
While many are exchanging the best of what they have to offer, some of our industry’s largest catastrophe modelers and “data providers” are still holding their data close to their vest.

Insurance Thought Leadership: An Insurtech Reality Check

Author: Bret Stone
Longer-term technological investments must be tempered with an understanding of what technologies will help move the needle in the present.

Property Casualty 360: InsurTech: 3 misconceptions and 1 call to collaborate

Author: Bret Stone
Why do insurers seem apprehensive about embracing the true value of InsurTech?

Insurance Thought Leadership: How to Solve the Data Problem

Author: Bret Stone
There’s a gap between the wealth of data now available and insurers’ ability to quickly process, contextualize and derive insight from that data.

Insurance Thought Leadership: 3 Misconceptions on Insurtech

Author: Bret Stone
Negative misconceptions arise when insurtech gets linked to “disruption,” so it doesn't get all the positive vibes it deserves.

Insurance Thought Leadership: What’s Your Game Plan for Insurtech?

Author: Bret Stone
Most insurtechs aren’t looking to oust incumbents. They’re looking for a niche and for established partners to help them scale.

Insurance Thought Leadership: Insurtech Is an Epic Climb: Can You Do It?

Author: Bret Stone
Insurtech is like the Tour de France. What’s good enough for now will likely be the equivalent of a 40-pound bike in five years.

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