Flood risk is on the rise. 

Is your underwriting solution keeping pace?


Flood risk is on the rise globally due to a perfect storm of factors like climate change and urbanization. Mix this change with woefully outdated flood maps and data, and you may have a recipe for getting your flood risk assessment wrong.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Access quality, global flood risk data: From authorities like Ambiental, Impact Forecasting, JBA, KatRisk, Swiss Re, as well as U.S.-specific flood data from Atkins Global, HazardHub, and traditional FEMA maps and data
  • Speed the quote process: Put the latest flood maps, datasets, and event footprints right into your hands—no data collection, no waiting (we handle all the backend work so you can focus on the business)
  • Eliminate disparate sources and workflow complexities: Contextualize decisions with accurate geocoding and calculation of net accumulation alongside robust visualizations, analysis and reporting—balancing profit, price, and exposure all-in-one platform

We’ve included some helpful resources below, give them a read and get in touch to learn more about our global flood risk assessment solution, or request a demo now.

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