[Webinar] Unlocking Private Flood Opportunities: Advancements in Florida flood mapping & analytics

The live webinar has passed, download the recording for valuable insights.

In this webinar, JBA Risk Management and SpatialKey break down the complexities of Florida’s private flood market, with a focus on how insurers can succeed using the latest innovations in flood mapping and geospatial analytics technology. Florida has long been a proving ground for flood, holding 35% of NFIP premiums.
Learn how you can accurately and confidently use innovations in flood data and analytics to distinguish opportunity from adverse risk—and adequately price for it.
In this webinar you'll learn: 
  • What advancements have been made specifically to Florida flood mapping, including 5m resolution.
  • How evolving flood analytics can help you better understand risk and adequately price for your exposure by taking into account multiple views of risk and multi-peril exposure.
  • What science and techniques are behind constructing the latest Florida flood maps.
  • Why using JBA's market-leading flood maps alongside SpatialKey's geospatial insurance analytics technology enables a new level of precision in risk selection and pricing.

Download the recording

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