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Data and technology integrations

Accessing your data shouldn't get in the way of analyzing it. The inherent agility of SpatialKey’s platform means you can be up and running on a cloud-based solution in just days—with no IT support. Or, for a more advanced connection, SpatialKey integrates directly into your system of record. However you choose to integrate, rapid analytics and agile visualizations await. SpatialKey exists to empower your insight with the most advanced data-informed picture possible. Integration should be fast and easy, but not all providers live agile like SpatialKey. Unencumbered by size or hierarchy, we just deliver—and we do it with precision and speed.

Access data wherever, whenever

Web-based platform

Anytime, anywhere

SpatialKey's web-based platform requires no software installation, so you can access your data visualizations from wherever you are.

web-based interface

Easy to manage

Featuring a simple and intuitive web-based interface, SpatialKey allows you to get up and running, add users, and create project teams with no bottlenecks—and no required IT intervention.

cloud platform

Reliable, private, and secure

SpatialKey on-demand is hosted on industry-leading cloud platforms and delivers over 99.9% uptime. You can also integrate SpatialKey directly into your in-house servers.

data import api

Simple integration

Thanks to a simple data import API, SpatialKey delivers sophisticated enterprise capabilities without the usual integration challenges—eliminating manual data import and wasted cycles trying to prepare data for a new system.

large data sets

Fast and scalable

Whether you are dealing with two records or two million, you get insight in an instant on a platform that scales from single users to hundreds without interruption.

How it works


Now, you can focus on consuming analytic value from your data and skip the cumbersome task of supporting another data format using this simple application. SpatialKey ETL supports connection to your SQL Server to extract data from RMS® EDM (Exposure Data Model), helping you visualize your exposure data immediately within SpatialKey, cutting out the manual translation.

Streamline your data


Access a flexible way to programmatically create, update, and delete datasets without enduring a tedious manual process. The DM API consists of REST-based services, so developers can utilize it in a variety of platforms and programming languages. You can load any data, and as many data sources as you need, to make quick and informed business decisions.



This is the ultimate integration, giving business users a single, integrated workflow option. This API enables you to integrate SpatialKey directly into existing applications. When launching the SpatialKey client, you have the option to go straight to the home screen or into a saved dashboard or dashboard template with your content immediately in focus.

Integrate your data
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